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This November Susan Henning will release the book ”68”. She promises to ”open the archives and share with her intimate memories and her personal and private collection of never before seen photographs from her engagements with Elvis hidden for forty years ”.

Synopsis from Susan Henning’s website:
Life flies by all too quickly, and at last I have had time to sit down with these precious memories and photos and put together a unique book that celebrates my work and relationship with ”Elvis.”

Elvis is legendary.

Besides his charismatic voice, what made him so lovable and added to his stardom was his attitude toward living. Elvis was generous, kind, funny, intelligent and of course handsome beyond imagination. He was a natural leading man and singer who remained humble no matter how much success he achieved.
It was a joy to know Elvis and now share a bit of our lives together, through my book, for you to enjoy.
The perfect gift for Elvis fans!
This loving memory of Elvis will give you a rush of memories and great feelings from the happiest days of the King. Susan co-starred with Elvis in the movie ”Live A Little, Love A Little” and has published photos and notes from that wonderful experience in 1968, including out takes from the infamous 1968 TV Special. Enjoy the photos of Susan and Elvis in the glamorous glow of a Hollywood movie set, both enjoying the prime of youth.

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