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Altered By Elvis

Altered By Elvis: A new documentary on Elvis entitled ”Altered By Elvis” explores the lives of people who’s life was altered by Elvis Presley in one way or another.

The audience will follow those who have been imprinted, fathered, fulfilled and even destroyed by the King of rock and roll. The love for Elvis is contagious, and everyone knows someone that claims to be, “Elvis’ number ONE fan”, but ”Altered by Elvis” digs much deeper to find the untold stories of the people he left behind… the ravages of pop culture.

The ”Altered by Elvis” team will follow these individuals home and show the viewer their own scarred lives; and how they, literally, walk with Elvis – in his shadow, with his ghost and in his light – still to this day. We will hear Larry Geller’s recounting of styling Elvis’ hair for the star’s funeral and hear about the outrageous tales of devotion from fans.

Most certainly we will see what it is like to have been truly Altered By Elvis.

Source: The Elvis Express

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