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Auctions For Exclusive Possessions Unsuccessful

Auctions For Exclusive Possessions Unsuccessful: It seems to be that not all of Elvis possessions are a warranty for making big money. Lately, there are some exclusive properties that are announced with a lot of publicity but did not find a new buyer. Last night, the auction of a 1972 Cadillac ended different as expected. Only one bid for $30.000 was placed, but that was not enough to meet the minimum price. During the holidays, the white grand piano that stood in Graceland for many years was presented as the ‘perfect christmas gift’. Because of the musical history that is linked to the instrument, the owner hoped to break the record of Lennons grand piano (George Michael bought it a few years ago for $2.000.000). Just before the end of the auction, the highest bid was only $200.000, it disappeared from the auction site shortly after it ended and until now, it remains silent if the piano was sold or not.

Source: Elvis Matters

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