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Camden Reissues

Camden Reissues: According to the original Camden releases “Burning Love and Hits from His Movies” (1972) and “Separate Ways” (1973) were due for release on March 13, 2007. But the titles are currently listed as “currently unavailable”.

Original track listing ”Burning Love and Hits from His Movies”:

Burning Love
Tender Feeling
Am I Ready
Tonight Is So Right For Love
It’s A Matter Of Time
No More
Santa Lucia
We’ll Be Together
I Love Only One Girl

Original track listing ”Separate Ways”:

Separate Ways
Sentimental Me
In My Way
I Met Her Today
What Now What Next Where To
Always On My Mind
I Slipped I Stumbled I Fell
Is It So Strange
Forget Me Never
Old Shep

Source: Amazon/ ElvisNews

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