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Celluloid Rock

Celluloid Rock: Two brand new import DVDs have just been released. Both contain movie songs from different pictures. Picture and sound quality should be great according to the original posting.

Volume 1 contains 35 tracks and runs for 80 minutes; volume 2 contains 37 tracks and runs for 73 minutes. The DVDs, released by Wonderland Records, are in 2.0 stereo, region code free and come in two-sided fold out digipacks.

The tracklisting Volume 1: Easy come, easy go – You gotta stop – No more – The lady loves me – The love machine – Bosa nova baby – Adam and evil – All that I am – Never say yes – Am I ready – Beach shack – Spinout – Smorgasbord – Queenie Wahine’s papaya – Scratch my back – Drums of the islands – Datin’ – House of sand – Stop where you are – This is my heaven – Drums of the islands – Who needs money? – A house that has everything – Confidence – Clambake – You don’t know me – Hey, hey, hey – The girl I never loved – Let yourself go – Your time hasn’t come yet, baby – He’s your uncle, not your dad – Who are you? – There ain’t nothing like a song – We’ll be together – I’ll be back.

The tracklisting Volume 2: King of the whole wide world – Can’t help falling in love – In my way – I don’t wanna be tied – A boy like me, a girl like you – Because of love – Song of the shrimp – The walls have ears – Moonlight swim – Guadalajara – You can’t say no in Acapulco – Ku-u-i-po – The bullfighter was a lady – Marguerita – El toro – Mexico – I think I’m gonna like it here – Ito eats – Slicin’ sand – Hawaiian sunset – Beach boy blues – This is living – Home is where the heart is – Island of love – Wooden heart – Pocketful of rainbows – Tonight is so right for love – Doin’ the best I can – Little Egypt – Big love, big heartache – Poison Ivy League – It’s a wonderful world – One track heart – Riding the rainbow – Hard knocks – Dainty little moonbeams – Girls! Girls! Girls!

Source: For CD Collectors Only

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