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Comedian Sammy Shore

Comedian Sammy Shore: has just been voted into the Comedy Hall of Fame. Mr. Shore first received national attention when Elvis Presley chose him as his opening act at the International Hotel in Las Vegas from 1969-1972. He then went on to work with America’s comedy greats and music legends and also founded the world-famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles, CA.

Mr. Shore is currently completing an exciting new book, The Man Who Made Elvis Laugh, due out this year which will be produced by Joe Esposito and Daniel Lombardy and their firm TCBJOE Publishing. This book will reveal in hysterical detail the comedy routines that made Elvis and all of America laugh. With wit and wisdom, he reflects on his fifty-year career in show business, with all of its pinnacles and pitfalls, and includes the reflections of many of America’s great comedians.

In addition to his stand-up comedy career, Mr. Shore has appeared in movies, TV sitcoms and plays, wining numerous prestigious awards.
Source: EP Gold

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