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Dancing with Elvis

Dancing with Elvis

Written by Lynda Stephenson is a new 320-page book titled ”Dancing With Elvis” (ISBN: 0802852939).

Eerdmann Books will publish the book September 15, 2005.

Synopsis: ”It’s 1956, and ever since she and her mother rescued Angel Musseldorf from her abusive parents, Frankilee Baxter has been miserable. In addition to being more pretty, popular, and talented than Frankilee, Angel moves in, steals Frankilee’s clothing, and begins dating the boy Frankilee likes. At the same time, Frankilee’s community is struggling with the issue of school integration.
What keeps Frankilee going is her fantasy about Elvis Presley rescuing her from life in Clover, Texas. But this restless teenager is a realist and doesn’t wait around for things to get worse. She devises a plan to get rid of Angel, begins a local Elvis fan club, and works to promote integration. What Frankilee doesn’t bargain for is becoming involved in a burglary, an elaborate kidnapping scheme, and a shooting.
With humour and heart, ‘Dancing with Elvis’ tells of one young woman’s coming of age in the South during a time of change in America’s history.”
Source: Elvis Club Berlin

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