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David Briggs Performs In Europe

David Briggs Performs In Europe: The piano/keyboard player David Briggs will perform in Europe (Denmark) for the first this December. He played his first session for Elvis back in 1966 when Floyd Cramer came missed the How Great Thou Art session. David was fast and jumped in. The young musician was scared but he did a great job and Elvis loved his playing. Elvis used David as a session pianist for various sessions after that first meeting. In 1975 David started touring with the Elvis Presley Show. At nearly every show Elvis would introduce David by saying “when David first played with me, we recorded a song called Love Letters” and then Elvis would sing the song accompaniment by David. His touring with Elvis ended in late 1976.

David Briggs has never before played an Elvis show in Europe. This is the absolute first time and a unique chance to meet and see him perform.

Source: ElvisUnlimited

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