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Elvis 1957 Studio Master Tape For Sale

Elvis 1957 Studio Master Tape For Sale: Ebay is carrying the sale of an extremely rare original 1957 recording session tape. It is a reel-to-reel studio ”safety” tape of from Elvis’ 1957 Jan/Feb sessions at Radio Recorders, Hollywood. The tape has been verified through BMG/RCA officials. Including twelve Masters including ‘Party’, ‘All Shook Up’ & ‘Mean Woman Blues’ the tape has paper splicing between each recording, a technique that has not been utilized since the 1960’s. It is believed to have belonged to Elvis engineer Thorne Nogar and is being sold for his family. It is, as described, ”a piece of music history”.

However although the Ebay description says that it includes ”multiple takes of all of the songs” it is believed that Ernst Jorgensen has listened to this tape and that it contains nothing unreleased except for some minor studio dialogue. It is of course extremely rare and the bidding starts at US$28,000.

For more images, go to eBay and search for item: ”280062126156”

From eBay: I received this reel-to-reel tape from the mother of a friend who passed away several years ago. My best understanding is that someone owed the friend a large sum of money and let him keep this tape as collateral but never made good on the loan. This is a reel-to-reel studio tape of Elvis Presley, which was recorded in January and February of 1957 at Radio Recorders Studio in Hollywood, California. It is believed to be one of two back up tapes known as a “safety” in existence. There are twelve songs on the tape. One of the identifying peculiarities of this tape is the between song bantering by Elvis and others in the studio. Another characteristic unique to the tape is an early stop on the cut “All Shook Up” as the tape obviously ran out. This has been verified through BMG/RCA officials. The tape is ¼ inch in width is chocolate in colour and has paper splicing between each recording. This paper splicing technique has not been utilized since the 1960’s. The Maxell box that is pictured is obviously not the original box that the tape was in but simply used for storage. The bidder who has the good fortune to purchase this piece of music history should have it professionally re-mastered for preservation purposes. The tape is in excellent condition at the present time but I am told that in time, it will begin to deteriorate. The songs that are included on the tape are as follows:
1. Let’s Have a Party
2. I Believe
3. Got a Lot o’ Lotta Livin’ To Do
4. All Shook Up
5. Mean Woman Blues
6. Peace in the Valley
7. I Beg of You
8. That’s When Your Heartaches Begin
9. Tell Me Why
10. Don’t Leave Me Now
11. One Night with You
12. True Love
The tape is a piece of music history and extremely rare-nearly impossible to obtain unless, of course, you can talk BMG/RCA out of theirs. The bidding will begin at $28000.

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