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Elvis Appears In Papua New Guinea Electoral Roll

Elvis Appears In Papua New Guinea Electoral Roll: The late Elvis Presley plans to be a ghost voter at the 2007 national elections in the South Pacific nation of Papua New Guinea, if you believe the nation’s electoral rolls. In 2006, almost half of Papua New Guinea’s 4.9 million registered voters were regarded by the electoral commission as ghost voters and did not exist. The commission has been trying for a year to update voter registration ahead of the June 30 elections, but admits voter rolls in remote, rugged highland electorates remain vastly inaccurate. Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen said ghost voters remained a problem with several Elvis Presleys, the US rocker who died in 1977, registering to vote alongside a handful of Tom Jones and a couple of kings and queens.

As of March, the country’s five highland provinces have voter registrations ranging from 116 per cent to 132 per cent, the commission said in its voter analysis.

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