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Elvis At The Hayride

Elvis At The Hayride: From The Louisiana Hayride: We are sure that you will find this special offer particularly interesting. Louisiana Hayride, Inc. has dedicated itself to bring to you the digitally enhanced versions of the actual performances of Louisiana Hayride’s talented artists of as it was performed in all its glory.

We are especially proud to introduce a new historical package that features the music of Elvis Presley (our most celebrated artist) in his early years at the Louisiana Hayride along with rarely seen photos of Elvis on the Louisiana Hayride stage, capturing the excitement surrounding a very young, vibrant and fresh Elvis Presley and containing seldom heard personal stories from people who actually were there with him.

This “Elvis At The Hayride” package contains a beautiful coffee table book (Available ONLY in a soft cover version) containing over 150 rarely seen photos showcasing the young Elvis during his Louisiana Hayride Years 1954-1956, a 2 CD set of recorded history of Elvis’s actual performances on the Louisiana Hayride, and a DVD scrapbook of seldom heard stories about Elvis’s time at the Hayride.

We have launched this product in the United States to the general public through a 30 minute infomercial broadcast on local and cable TV featuring Frankie Avalon as our host celebrity. You will find out more details on Louisiana Hayride site, including the infomercial.

Source: Elvis At The Hayride

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