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Elvis Decoded

Elvis Decoded: To be issued in next July is a new book, this is what we took of the book’s website:

Author Patrick Lacy has written a book that is long overdue: a detailed, in-depth examination of the facts and figures that permeate the many Elvis books, websites, articles, and public boards. He sorts through all the information and puts things in proper perspective.

In Elvis Decoded, we find answers to questions surrounding:
 Elvis’s death – heart attack, overdose, polypharmacy, or…?
 The last will of Elvis Presley…* Illegitimate children, true or false?
 A death hoax…yes or no?
 August 16, 1977 at Graceland…what happened?
 The scams and the schemes…
 Unanswerable questions…?
 The August 29, 1977, break-in at Forest Hill Cemetery…
 ..and scores of other questions that no one else has answered over the past 29 years.

This Elvis sleuth offers a unique perspective on the toughest questions and the most complicated issues in the Elvis Universe, and explains how things got so confusing.

”Elvis Decoded – A Fan’s Guide to Deciphering the Myths and Misinformation” is presented in a Q&A format, and offers an examination and comparison of the numerous Elvis source materials. Also included in the book is the author’s own research into other topics that have remained largely unaddressed since Elvis’s death in 1977.

About The Author

Patrick Lacy, a 38-year old musician from D.C., is more than an Elvis fan. He has spent nearly 10 years researching, writing and talking to some of the most credible — and incredible — sources in the strange, claim-filled world surrounding the myths and legend of Elvis. His travels have taken him from Washington to Memphis, from Lauderdale Courts to Graceland, and from Tupelo to Las Vegas.

Patrick has consulted for VH-1 and The Family Channel on two Elvis-related programs (”Rock and Roll Record Breakers” and ”The Presleys”), and currently volunteers as an Elvis expert at

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