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Elvis Email Service Cancelled

Elvis Email Service Cancelled: In reviewing and evaluating the Email system, EPE have decided to discontinue the service as part of refocusing our efforts to better serve Elvis fans online in many other ways as we develop new features for Aristotle has administered the Email service via a license from EPE.

As of 20 October, 2006, the service will ceased taking new subscription accounts. However, the service should remain fully functional for all currently active subscriptions until their contracted expiration date.

Also, from that date yearly renewals will no longer be available, however, to allow ample time for subscribers to choose a new email service, yearly renewing accounts that come up for renewal between 20 October and 31 December, 2006 will be automatically converted to a monthly account and renewed as such. Monthly renewing accounts will remain available until 31 December, 2006.

Source: EPE

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