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Elvis In November – Part 1 of 2

Elvis In November – Part 1 of 2

November was often a busy month in Elvis’s life and career.

His family moved to Memphis from Tupelo in November 1948 and he then began going to Humes High School.

In November 1954 Elvis signed his contract to perform weekly on the Louisiana Hayride radio program.

It was in November 1955 that Elvis received from Mae Axton the demo for the song ”Heartbreak Hotel” she penned with Tommy Durden. Later that month, leaving Sun Records, he signed his first contract with RCA Records. ”Heartbreak Hotel” became the first of his many gold record award winners with RCA. By November 1956 Elvis was a movie star and was riding around Memphis with Natalie Wood on his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

In November 1957 he sailed to Hawaii and performed his last two live concerts prior to being inducted into the Army. He spent November 1958 on manoeuvres in Germany and in 1959 he was still serving in Germany and dating his future wife Priscilla.

Elvis finished shooting a number of his films in the month of November. Many of his films also were released nationwide in November.

Can you name the movies released in November? You’ll find the answer next week in Part 2 of ”Elvis In November.”

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