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Elvis In Top50 Of Madison Square Greatest Moments

Elvis In Top50 Of Madison Square Greatest Moments: During the end of the year, the TV-station Madison Square Guarden Networks airs a documentary about their 50 greatest moments in history. All items are high lighted in detail. The Garden hosts mainly sports events and that’s the reason why more than 50% of the items are dedicated to sport. The 4 legendary sold-out concerts from Elvis in NY are on the fourth place of the list and is the only non-sports event in the Top20. The fact that the 9/11 concert (an event that shocked the USA and happened recently) comes in on nr. 21 is another proove of Elvis’ permanent influence. The item in the show is documented with unknown footage of the concert and newscoverage. It is unknown if the series will be published on DVD.
Source: Elvis Matters

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