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Elvis Instruments Auctioned On EBay

Elvis Instruments Auctioned On EBay: Put up for auction on eBay is a guitar supposedly played on by Elvis and owned by Hawaiian actor Jack Lord. Besides the Elvis guitar fans can place a bid on an Elvis ukelele too. The wooden instrument was a gift to Elvis from the staff of the Coco Palms Hotel in Hawaii, in the early sixties. Elvis donated the ukelele shortly before his death to talk show host Joe Franklin. The instrument, with a starting bid of 1.000 dollar, is to be sold on March 30th in South Corona, California. Another item of interest is a casual sweater that Elvis gave to long time collector David Kupp. More info: Oddly enough, eBay features another Elvis guitar, also from the Jack Lord collection.

Elvis was a friend of Jack and Marie Lord and visited them on at least one occasion. In that time they spent together Elvis played this Spanish style Ramirez guitar – at least, according to the item description on eBay. Last year, a stage belt Elvis gave Jack Lord, sold on eBay for US$66.000.

Source: Elvis Matters

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