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Elvis invited the Beatles to Graceland

Elvis invited the Beatles to Graceland: In an interview, the CEO of Stax Studios in Memphis, Deanie Parker, mentions a special gesture from Elvis. The story spread around town that the Beatles would come to Stax in Memphis – home of their heroes – to record a new studio album. When Elvis picked up the rumour, he invited the Fab Four to stay in Graceland. “I was so excited about it,” says Deanie Parker, “I was seeing dollar signs. I talked to Jim Stewart and said, ‘If the Beatles do come here, will you give me permission to take the carpet up, cut it into squares, and sell it?’ Everyone else was worrying about the logistics — how were we gonna get them from the airport,” Keyes says. ”We were gonna put them up at the Holiday Inn Rivermont, but Elvis Presley said it would be better if they stayed at Graceland”. The session however, never happened.

Source: ElvisMatters

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