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Elvis Jumpsuits: All Access Exhibition

Elvis Jumpsuits: All Access Exhibition: The exhibition ”Elvis Jumpsuits: All Access” will officially open early March 2007 at Graceland, here are some details.

Angie from the Graceland Archives says: ”We’ve spent nearly a year now in planning and research for the design of the exhibit, but the installation date is almost here. Just a few last minute lists to go over to make sure we have everything we need to make this happen. The most difficult task is behind us.

We pre-dressed ALL 58 mannequins for a photo shoot a few weeks ago. We’ll soon be posting some of the photos for Insiders. The photos are going to be used in our very first exhibit catalogue that will be available to purchase in March. It was an amazing site seeing all of these performance costumes in one room.

We have all gotten really good at dressing Elvis. In fact, we can now dress a mannequin in about 10 minutes. Jerry Schilling said that is faster then Elvis could have dressed himself for a concert. We are all feeling so proud. This exhibit has been so much fun and such an honour to put together. I can’t wait for the installation to see all of these elements finally come together”.

Amy from the graphic design team says: ”The new jumpsuit exhibit has been an exciting project to work on. I helped set up for the photo shoot and some of the costumes that will be on display, I had never seen before.

To be so close to the costumes and see the detail and workmanship that went into these suits was just amazing. As we were developing the exhibit logo I wanted it to reflect the strong colours and impact of the jumpsuit designs, as well as represent the era when Elvis wore them on stage. I know all of you are going to love this exhibit.

We are starting to layout the exhibit catalogue and choosing which jumpsuit photos and which photos of Elvis we will be using.

Source: EPE

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