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Elvis Licence Plate

Elvis Licence Plate: The MED Foundation and Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc., are pleased to announce the unveiling of a new license plate in memory of Elvis Presley. The EP License Plate, which the public may immediately order through the MED Foundation, features the King of Rock N’ Roll with guitar in hand striking one of his most memorable poses. The license plate will benefit the Regional Medical Center at Memphis (The MED), which houses the Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center, the only medical facility bearing Elvis’s name.
The State of Tennessee will begin production on the License Plate as soon as The MED Foundation has received a minimum of 1,000 orders for it. The Foundation is accepting orders for the first 1,000 plates by calling the toll free numbers 877-545-EPLP or 877-545-3757, or by visiting the MED Foundation website at
The idea for the Elvis Presley plate came from Roselyn Miller, a MED employee, who – in 1999 – felt so strongly about the project that she contacted the MED Foundation. “I just felt that if a plate such as this were done in “good taste” it would not only be a wonderful way to promote the memory of Elvis Presley, and the Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center at The MED, but would also spotlight Elvis’s home-state of Tennessee.”
The proposal was presented to Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc., (EPE, Inc.) and Jack Soden, President of EPE, Inc., has endorsed the effort. Mr. Soden is also a member of The MED Foundation Board of Directors.
Senator Mark Norris (R-TN) brought the project before the Tennessee State Legislature in Nashville. Then, State Representative Kathryn Bowers also sponsored a similar bill in support of the plate in 2005. The license plate will be sold for about $35.00; with a portion of the proceeds going to The MED each time the plate is renewed. Though Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE, Inc.) is supporting the project, no portion of the proceeds is being directed to EPE, Inc.
If the State of Tennessee moves ahead with production of the License Plate, Tennessee would become the only state in the nation with a license plate bearing the name of the King of Rock N’ Roll.
Source: EPE

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