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Elvis – Muziek Mens Mythe

Elvis – Muziek Mens Mythe: The Dutch ”Elvis Bible” ‘Elvis – Muziek Mens Mythe’ by Belgian author Marc Hendrickx will be available in two versions, both in Dutch. Both books are identical (700 pages, hard cover, hundreds of pictures and a news-update to July 2007, including future plans), but the packaging is different.

The Deluxe edition (see picture) comes in a special box with a hologram-like picture and contains the book, the 2DVD set ‘The Early Years’ and the documentary ‘The Last 24 Hours’.

While the Dutch book stores will only have the Deluxe edition, the Belgian buyers can choose between the box set and just the book.

Target prices are 36 euro for the book and 49.95 for the box. Both versions are waiting for delivery, and are available later this week.

Source: ElvisMatters

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