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Elvis On Tour Interviews

Elvis On Tour Interviews: The Dutch ”It’s Elvis Time” fan club released the talking only CD ”Elvis The On Tour Interviews” as a present to the visitors of their October 2005 ”On Tour” themed convention.


This interview CD comes in a paper slipcase with nearly matching ”On Tour” cover art.


This CD contains several dialogues from ”On Tour”. You hear Elvis talking to Pierre Aldridge and Robert Able, telling them about JD Sumner and the Stamps, and going back to when Elvis was fifteen. He also explains how gospel music became part of his personal heritage, painting a background to his life for the filmmakers.

He talks about singing gospel; it helps the crew to get ready and relax before a show, while it also helps to cool down afterwards. JD Sumner adds to that that both Elvis and his backing inspire each other, adding something new to the performance and keep it interesting that way. Pierre mentions that all those little things on stage and the interaction between all individuals are what he hopes to find doing this movie. The longer interviews tell a story, other shorter snippets are more like sound bites, less coherent.

Elvis talking about being nervous accepting the award he was most proud of, the Jaycees award is fun. You would expect that a man, who can handle a stadium, could handle a little hotel conference room too. The back stage conversation gives some details on Elvis preparing for a show or little incidents that happened on tour. The other conversations with the film crew, gang and entourage add to this, but with just a soundtrack it isn’t always easy to put it in the right perspective since we miss the bigger picture (literally). Most of it can be described as ”having fun off stage”.


Material like this, you probably listen to it once, adds to the knowledge on the man and his music. Getting this information first hand, from the man himself, has value added. It would be great if material like this would be used in documentaries, with the footage of course, that way we get some more Elvis into the usual documentaries.

Track listing: Elvis talks to Piere Aldridge and Robert Able (Hollywood, Ca.) / Elvis talks about his childhood / Elvis talks about his early years, his movies, his JC Award and musicians / Conversations with Mayor Roy Webber (Roanoke Airport, VA.) / Backstage conversations (Macon, GA.) / Conversations with crew and gang (Jacksonville, FL.) / Conversations with his entourage (Little Rock, AK.)/ Conversations with his entourage (San Antonio, TX.).

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