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Elvis’ Own Cheque Book

Elvis’ Own Cheque Book: Sonny West is offering some rich fan the chance to own one of Elvis’ personal cheque book and it could be yours for a cool $25,000.00.
Our source informs us that a friend of Sonny West, acting as a third party, is sending out the offer to give a select few, first dibs on the item and if it fails to sell, Sonny will be placing the cheque book on eBay.
The following is the sales patter from Sonny: It was used by him personally and when he wanted to write a cheque for personal expenses for cash or for some other purchase, this is the cheque book he used. The entries on the cheque stubs have the date and the subject of what the cheque is being written for, ranging from Airline flights, a Charter Airplane flight, a payment to register his Dunebuggy, including a penalty fee for being late in it’s registration, etc.
It is really interesting to read the stubs and know that that day he signed a cheque for any number of reasons, and where he was on that day of his life.
An interesting fact is this is personal account that he kept a $1,000,000 dollars in so that he knew he could always write a cheque for that amount and cash it immediately. That amount was still in there when he passed away.
This is a one of a kind item that can’t be duplicated or forged like jewelry, clothes and other such items. I have had this in my possession since 1972. The entries on the stubs are from at least 3 of us guys, Joe, Charlie and myself. There are some others that I am not sure who made them. Possibly Hamburger James did on a couple of them when he forged Elvis’s signature for expense money, which was one of the reasons he was fired.
I have sent this out to friends for them to forward to serious buyers that they know of that might be interested. This cheque book would make a great display item in a museum or store.
I am asking $25,000 (usd) for it now because if I don’t sell it to an individual buyer now I am going to put it in an auction, or possibly on eBay.
The reserve on the item in an auction will be the price I am asking for it now, but who knows, it could go well beyond that if a couple of serious bidders get involved. I know there is a collector out there that would love to have this one of a kind item, I just have to get the info out there to them and it will sell.
Sonny West

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