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Elvis Presley 10Ft Sculpture Sold On Ebay

Elvis Presley 10Ft Sculpture Sold On Ebay: An unbelievable 10 feet tall statue of the king of Rock’n’Roll Elvis Presley has been sold at Ebay for $ 17,700.01. This statue was hand sculptured by Mr. Eric Vernon Parks. Mr. Parks is the son of the ”world famous sculptor”, Mr. Charles Parks. This Elvis sculpture is one of only ‘hand full’ that are known to exist! Mr. Eric Parks was the only sculptor approved by Graceland, at the time (1979), to commission an exact full body likeness of Elvis. No more of these statues are being commissioned by Parks and haven’t been for many years. The first one created by artist Eric Parks used to be located in the Elvis Presley plaza on Beale Street in Memphis Tennessee, but has for the last few years been located in the visitors centre in Memphis. Artist Parks has paid great attention to detail in this sculpture. Elvis’ hair combed in a familiar style, with a single prominent curl and side burns, looks freshly combed. The hair curves around the ears, and ends at mid-neck. His sideburns have a slightly bushy look to them. His facial features are strong and distinctive, capturing the manly beauty of the young Elvis. The incredible detail is even evident in his shirt.

About the Artist: Eric Vernon Parks was born on March 8, 1948 in Wilmington, Delaware. He is the first-born son of prominent sculptor, Charles Parks. Early exposure to the techniques of drawing and modelling in his father’s studio encouraged and enabled him to pursue his own journey in the three-dimensional arts. The artist has exhibited extensively. His works are in numerous corporate and private collections, and in the Brandywine River Museum in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania.” Other than his ten-foot-high statue of Elvis Presley in Memphis he created the ”American Song”, a seven foot bronze statue of a flute player that stands in Independence Mall in Philadelphia.

Source: Elvis Unlimited

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