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Elvis Presley In Concert, Acer Arena Sydney

Elvis Presley In Concert: Having never been to see Elvis In Concert before, the 13 week wait from the purchase of tickets to the actual show date was a living nightmare. My emotions ran high, the day I left my workplace early (8am E.S.T0 to snatch myself 2 gold ticket packages. Then the steady roller coaster came, checking the letterbox 2, 3 sometimes 6 times a day looking for tickets, checking emails thinking something may have gone wrong. But then 2 ½ weeks before the concert night, the tickets arrived (Hooray), now the wait till the actual performance.
Saturday October 14th, what a day. No-one not even the heat, was busting my bubble of excitement. We arrived at Homebush at about 4.30pm (didn’t want to be late), had a little dinner at one of the local café’s to kill time (which went slowly), then headed over to the Arena about 5pm, wanting to feel the atmosphere build outside the venue. It was tense, I can tell you. Once the doors opened at 6pm, the first stop was souvenirs. I controlled myself (Shock horror) only purchasing a scarf and the beautifully set out program ($40 all up). A fair price to pay, for a couple of keepsakes. Then, it was over to the exhibition of Elvis costumes. We waited in line for about half an hour (Well worth it), meeting other fans and the curious. Shuffling along, I took in the detail of all the jumpsuits but my personal favorite was the red shirt and pin-striped pants from ‘That’s The Way It Is’. I could have stayed there, staring at his clothing and jumpsuits all night, but show time was fast approaching. After having a few drinks and scouting the arena for new club members we headed to our allotted seats (Sec B, Row 7, Seat 24), smack bang in the middle of the first 10 rows. My expectations and excitement were building. Then at 8pm, SHOWTIME. It was hard to not get over excited, like a few of the people there but I was controlled. The audience went wild as the band started up, and the atmosphere erupted, into a chorus of applause, screams and song. My highlight was when Ed Enoch and the ‘New Stamps’ song ‘Sweet Sweet Spirit’ the chills I felt when the first words were sung ‘There’s a Sweet, Sweet Spirit, in this place’ bought tears of joy, peace and a sense of belonging. It seemed as though Elvis was that Sweet spirit and his energy was there (believe it or not). But, I was not alone with my tears, there were many others. I can also not forget ‘Trilogy’, the flute solo brought down the house, leaving James Burton and the other members waiting until the applause was over. It was simply electrifying. Not to mention, a great honor for the young musician playing the flute, a standing ovation from an arena of Elvis Presley fans.
Overall, it was a brilliant evening, one I’ll never forget. The only disappointment was Elvis (himself) was not there. But, his spirit and legend was. Both in the music and the atmosphere of the crowd.

Kirsty Robertson
Social Committee Member
EPFC of Australasia

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