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Elvis Presley Park In Israel

Elvis Presley Park In Israel: The Elvis Show Fan Club of Switzerland is collecting donations for our own project of a park in Israel with 500 donated trees…this park shall be then, when the 500 tress are collected, named after Elvis Presley, the King of Rock & Roll.

It will be planted next to the See Genezareth in the Swiss-Tiberias-Forests. This is a non-political project which is co-sponsored by the Jewish National Foundation KKL. This organisation is the main non-profit-organisation in Israel which stands in for the nature, such as resources of water and planting trees! Even in the desert!

So far we have collected approx. 100 tree-donations. Each tree costs only CHF 30.-, or in Euro: € 20.00 (the amount in $ is becoming enormous). There are forests (of each 5000 trees) in Israel, which have been planted in the name of J.F.Kennedy and the Pope, so why not have an own forest with a beautiful plaque named after Elvis Presley?

Source: ElvisNews

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