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Elvis Presley Picture Book

Elvis Presley Picture Book: A new photo book entitled ”Elvis Presley” has been released. This 2 kilogram, 384 glossy pages book from Marie Clayton contains many known and unknown images of Elvis Presley.

The fifties: It starts with the Milton Berle Show, new images from ”Love Me Tender” and rare pictures from the Ed Sullivan Show. The Army chapter is well illustrated.

The sixties: It shows known and unknown images, including the introduction of Elvis in the Kiowa Indian tribe, and ”Flaming Star” and casual shot of Elvis on an airplane in 1968.

The Seventies: This section is filled with private and ”professional” shots of our man, including George Klein’s wedding.

The book ends with an (incomplete) overview of Elvis’ life and achievements, running from 1933, his parent’s wedding to 2002.

Source: Collectors Service

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