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Elvis Presley: The FBI Files

Elvis Presley: The FBI Files: Released 6 December 2007 is the 780 pages paperback book entitled ”Elvis Presley: The FBI Files” by Federal Bureau of Investigation. The book is published by Filibust (ISBN-10: 1599862433 / ISBN-13: 978-1599862439).

Elvis Presley: The FBI Files contains the actual original and declassified criminal investigation files related to rock and roll musican Elvis Presley. Although Elvis Presley was never the subject of an FBI investigation, the FBI maintained records filed under his name consisting of copies of letters from members of the public commenting on his performances, newspaper clippings, and documents reporting that Elvis Presley was the target of extortion attempts. This publication is being published and made available now for the first time in a paperback book edition for those interested in the history surrounding music legend Elvis Presley.

Source: ElvisNews

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