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Elvis: Remembering August 16, 1977

Elvis: Remembering August 16, 1977: The book Elvis: Remembering August 16, 1977 has been published and is now available. It’s based on the fans’ reactions when they’d heard the tragic news of his death on August 16, 1977.

Elvis Is Dead !!! The three unspeakable words that his family and friends and, of course, his fans never had expected to hear in their lifetime, but they did on August 16, 1977. The King of Roll-n-Roll is dead. Since then his family and friends have written and spoken about their years with Elvis and the tragic August 1977 days. At the same time his fans had kept silent until now …

Why now? They strongly feel it’s time to share their precious thoughts and feelings about Elvis and his untimely death with others throughout the world.

When reading each of the stories, there is a strong but special love affair between Elvis and his fans which had begun in the 1950s and still into the 21st century. For his fans, the special love Elvis gave will always be there and will never be broken.

A quick preview of one of the stories:

Chris Demetriades
London, England

I was 14 years old and had just gone to Cyprus on holiday for the first time with my Mum. The news broke out on the radio and television. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and seeing. I felt like I’d lost a member of my family. I found one Elvis record that I played over and over again. I’d cried for hours. The next day, I called my father and asked him to save every newspaper he could buy. He did. When I got home, I read every article and wept once again. Today, I still have those newspapers. I still love the man and his music, even to the point where I have given my first-born son Elvis’ middle name, ‘Aaron’.

Source: Elvis Australia

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