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Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business

Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business: The upcoming Sonny West and Marshall Terrill book ”Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business” which is due for release May 2007 by Triumph Books.

In this unique and intimate volume, Sonny West, Elvis Presley’s close friend and bodyguard for nearly two decades, provides a no-holds barred, first-hand depiction of ”The King.” The book is packed with previously unseen photographs and untold stories about Presley’s personal and public life – learn why he refused the not-so-subtle advances of Ursula Andress on the set of ”Fun in Acapulco”, uncover amazing personal details from Presley’s historic meeting with the Beatles, and discover the secrets behind the King’s famous handshake with Richard Nixon in 1970

Source: Amazon.Co.Uk

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