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Elvis Talking Action Figures

Elvis Talking Action Figures: Talking Presidents releases for sale the first two of a line of “talking” Elvis action figures. The products will be available to Graceland visitors and on-line at and Standing 12 inches tall with fully pose-able bodies, they “talk” in Elvis’ own voice. They are displayed in an attractive collectible gift box (measuring 16.5 inches tall).

Fans/Collectors Are Talking Too

Press the button on the back of the doll. The micro-chip contains over a dozen sound bites of Elvis in his own voice, only you won’t hear all of those familiar song lyrics. Instead, it’s Elvis talking. He talks about cars, women, early success, his philosophy of life, telling jokes… getting serious…
With all the Elvis memorabilia out there, it is refreshing to have something new, a product that is totally unique.

We researched all known original recordings and radio interviews from the period (1954 – 1961), selecting over a dozen of the most interesting for each product. The result: you’ll “listen” to an intimate, thoughtful, reflective, prophetic, humorous, youthful, yet wise beyond his years Elvis.

These collectible action figures provide fans a side of the King they may not know. From the detailed biography on the back of the boxes to the beautiful photos found throughout, the collectible gift box is a fitting tribute to the King.

Talking Presidents worked meticulously with Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. in every step of the design process to produce an authentic and authorized collectible. Even the “gold record” found at the base of the packaging contains an authorized re-creation of the famous SUN record label.

The two products differ in look, photos, sound-bites, and wardrobe (even the outfits are recreated to exacting detail from actual garments worn by Elvis, at that time). These are true and interestingly original new collectibles for Elvis fans and collectors of all ages.

Source: EPE

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