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Elvis The Documentaries CD

Elvis The Documentaries CD: The upcoming CD ”Elvis The Documentaries” is a limited edition (500 copies) EFE promotional release. It contains 36 tracks CD with material from ”That’s The Way It Is” and ”Elvis On Tour”. From the information available: ”Go behind closed doors and listen to the man himself! A collection as never before! For the first time a complete cd is dedicated to both documentaries!” All the tracks on this release have been remastered and the CD comes with a 16 page full-colour booklet with photos and memorabilia from 1970 and 1972, the disc itself is a picture disc.

Track listing That’s The Way It Is:

1· Rehearsing I Just Can t Help Believin (August 10, 1970 Las Vegas)
2 Are You Horny Tonight? (July 29, 1970 MGM Studios, Culver City, CA.)
3· Rehearsing Polk Salad Annie (August 7, 1970 Las Vegas Showroom rehearsal)
4· Eating Hamburgers (July 14, 1970 Los Angeles, CA.)
5· Rehearsing Sweet Caroline (July 14, 1970 Los Angeles, CA.)
6· Rehearsing Mary In The Morning (August 7, 1970 Las Vegas Showroom rehearsal)
7· Dialogue (August 7, 1970 Las Vegas Showroom rehearsal)
8· Rehearsing I ll Take You Home Again Kathleen (August 7, 1970 Las Vegas Showroom rehearsal)
9. Rehearsal excerpt #2 (August 7, 1970 Las Vegas)
10· Don t It Make You Wanna Go Home (July 29, 1970 MGM Studios, Culver City, CA.)
11· Nerves (August 10, 1970 Las Vegas)
12· Reading Telegrams before opening show (August 10, 1970 Las Vegas)
13· Talking and singing backstage before opening show (August 10, 1970 Las Vegas)

Track listing Elvis On Tour

14· Opening scene Elvis On Tour (1972 From The Movie)
15. A conversation with Elvis about Elvis On Tour
16. El Paso (March 30· Rehearsal excerpt)
17· Backstage Discussion (April 15, 1972 Macon, GA)
18· Denise Sanchez meets Elvis (April 19, 1972 Albuquerque, NM.)
19· Dressing Room Conversation (April 1972)
20· Elvis and co-producer/director Bob Abel talking about / The Wild Early Years
21. Entertaining Fans
22· Assembling Singers And Musicains
23· Live Performances
24· Jaycee Awards Speech
25. First Talent Contest
26· His Famous Sideburns
27· Humes High Annual Minstrel Show, 1953
28· Driving A Truck And Sun Records
29· From The Waist Up
30· Jealousy And / Acceptance
31· Trapped In Hollywood
32· His Entourage
33· Tour Preparation /
34· Film Title Revelation (April 1972) /
35· Little Rock Concert Promotor Interview (April 1972)


36· RIAA Gold Records presentation (August 1972 At Elvis Dressing Room, Las Vegas)

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