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Elvis The Documentaries

Elvis The Documentaries: On November 1st, 2005 J.A.T. Publishing will release ”Elvis The Documentaries”. Joseph Tunzi has put together a 136-page photo journal that will take you into Elvis Presley’s two acclaimed documentaries, including ”That’s The Way It Is”, and Golden Globe winner ”Elvis On Tour”.

This project contains about 228 pictures, some memorabilia pages, documents related to these two movies, details on the studio sessions, rehearsals, live recordings and filming of these two documentaries. The text part of the book is similar to ”Sessions III” in its presentation and has been updated.

The layout of the book is different than previous books from J.A.T. Publishing. There are some additions to the book since it contains a nice unpublished publicity photograph from the movie ”Change Of Habit”. The section on the movie ”That’s The Way It Is” is about 64 pages and features photographs from all the rehearsals and all the shows up to August 14th, 1970 midnight show excepted for the August 13th, 1970 midnight show. This section of the book is completed with photographs of the first show of the September 1970 tour in Phoenix, AZ.

The ”Elvis On Tour” section features as well numerous pictures taken during the filming of this project. There are shots from different locations such as Hampton Rd, VA. Evening show, Richmond, VA, Indianapolis, IN, Greensboro, NC, Macon, GA (both shows), Jacksonville, FL (both shows), San Antonio, TX, Albuquerque, NM and finally some from the August 4th, 1972 opening and August 5th, 1972 in Las Vegas.

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