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Elvis The Early Years Mini Series

Elvis The Early Years Mini Series: Australian Network 10 Sunday 7 November also premiered Elvis The Early Years. Overseas viewers have said a lot on this mini-series. Mostly saying it was a poor production. After viewing it, I must say I found the storyline quite good, with very little to complain about and very glad that the production used Elvis soundtracks for musical content. Camryn Manheim’s portrayal of Elvis’ mother also was quite good. However I must saying the choice of Jonathon Rhys Meyers to play Elvis and Randy Quaid as Colonel Parker, however were a bit of a let down. I think Randy (who I like as an actor, no one could forget him in the National Lampoon Vacation Series and Independence Day) was trying to impersonate Rod Stieger I think instead of the Dutch born Colonel. The producers and director also needed a little help in regards to Rhys Meyers, Elvis look.

Conclusion: Once again it was worth viewing, for the simple fact it puts Elvis Music on the screen and brings in a younger audience, and I know from people I work with, that there youngsters have hit the Web searching more Elvis facts and music. But I much prefer the Kurt Russell movie.

Jim Porter
Club President

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