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Elvis – Through My Eyes: Why Elvis Left The Building

Elvis – Through My Eyes: Why Elvis Left The Building

Published by Authorhouse is the book ”Elvis – Through My Eyes: Why Elvis Left The Building” by Heart Lanier Shapre (ISBN: 1420897039).

Synopsis: ”If you don’t want to know ELVIS, then don’t read ”Elvis – Through my Eyes”. This story will reveal ELVIS’s makeup and everything he had to overcome to be the performing KING you love. It is a story that wanted to be written and often wrote itself.

I believe, friend, you will find as I have, the moment the last letter of the manuscript was typed, that not only you love him GREATLY, but after reading ELVIS – THROUGH MY EYES, you will feel closer to him in person and you may love him and all that he was in his ”no way out” life as a close dear friend. Hopefully, you will know and understand the truth of the man as I have grown to know Elvis who crossed his river Jordan.”

Source: Elvis Club Berlin

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