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Elvis What Happened

Elvis What Happened: Released in The Netherlands is a new fan club CD entitled ”Elvis What Happened”. This CD 17 track picture disc release comes in a cardboard slip according to the information on eBay an includes a ”musical Tribute from Vester Presley to all Elvis fans”. CD is focused on the Elvis Cover-Up Special from 1979, maintaining that Elvis Presley was killed by an overdose of prescription drugs… The Medical Board heard evidence of astounding volumes of prescriptions written by Dr. Nick. Between 1975 and 1977, he has prescribed 19.000 doses of drugs. The real story…

Including interviews with Ginger Alden (Elvis last girlfriend), Dr. George Nichopoulos, John O’ Grady (Elvis and Vernon’s private detective), David Stanley (Elvis’ stepbrother), Ricky Stanley (Elvis’ stepbrother), Knox Phillips (Sam Phillips son), and others…

Also: J.D. Sumner, Marty Lacker, Sonny West, Carl Perkins, Charlie Rich, Chuck Berry, Chet Atkins, and more…

And more: The CD contains 2 CBS News reports, and excerpts from the MSG Press Conference, Elvis live on stage in Rapid City June 21, 1977 and from the ”Elvis What Happened?” press conference.

It ends with a telephone call from 1971.

Source: Ebay

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