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EPE Denies Plans For Major New Documentary Release This Year

EPE Denies Plans For Major New Documentary Release This Year: A major new documentary series on Elvis Presley, similar to The Beatles’ Anthology, is being planned for the 30th anniversary of his death. The Elvis Presley Estate which runs Elvis’ business affairs and includes his widow Priscilla, is presently working on the series which will include never-before-seen footage. According to the New York Post, the Elvis anthology is due out in 2007 – 30 years after Presley died aged 42 on August 17, 1977. The Beatles’ Anthology initially aired on television in 1995 before being released in DVD format with added footage. Meanwhile, the estate and BMG this week releases two new DVD sets of two of Elvis’ most historic TV appearances in America.

Comment by EPE (January 10, 2007): The story is false. Where the New York Post got such an idea, we don’t know. Weird. Perhaps they ran across some old info from 2004/2005 when the documentary ”Elvis By The Presleys” was in production and got confused.

We do plan to do a major, long-form Elvis documentary. No release date has been set, but it definitely will not come about in 2007.

Source: Ananova

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