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Fake Elvis Money

Fake Elvis Money: Merchants in the UK are receiving more and more fake money with Elvis’ picture and the pictures of other celebrities. The novelty money is available in a range of £5, £10 and £20. It seems to be that the money has got a realistic look and feel, but the difference is the image of a celebrity. Besides Elvis, there are notes with Barbie, Star Wars and lots of cartoon characters. The president of the board of merchants does not understand how a salesman can make a mistake by accepting this money, but he changed his mind after holding the bill in his hands: ‘If you fold the note in such a way that you can not see the picture, you can not see if it’s a fake. It’s very normal that the guy behind the counter of a busy store does not see the fraud.’ In the meanwhile, there is a complaint filed against the producers, because it’s against the law to copy money in such a realistic way.

Source: ElvisMatters/ ElvisNews

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