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Fire Down Below Fight

Elvis Unlimited added an e-mail from Jerry Scheff on the announced release of his song ”Fire Down Below” by Wolfgang Hahn in Austria on 16th August 2005.

”This is Jerry Scheff. I have heard recently that Wolfgang Hahn in Austria is promoting a release of my song ‘Fire Down Below’ for the 16th August 2005. I have no agreements for performance, publishing or distribution with him or any company he represents. He is also claiming it as a recording with the original TCB Band. If this is the case he has used material which he has no rights to and may be a demo quality unmixable instrumental.

Neither the TCB Band or I have been consulted or Co-operated in any way with this product. I understand that Wolfgang has dubbed his own voice over our performance in the past 3 days and is racing to benefit from the Elvis week events and audiences. It particularly saddens me to see the anniversary of Elvis’ death exploited for personal gain in this way.

I urge you to let as many people as you can know of the truth of this situation. An official TCB Band CD of Fire Down Below can be found on my website or I eagerly invite you to wait until the version sung by Austrian Dennis Jale is releasing in October 2005 with which I have been fully and professionally involved. Dennis is a real singer: not a rip off artist. Also, Dennis’s CD will also include another song I wrote for Elvis called That’s When The Real Love Begins.

Thanks for your support for the TCB Band.

All the best, Jerry O Scheff

Source: Elvis Unlimited

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