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Follow That Dream

Follow That Dream

Elvis Presley’s ninth movie was ”Follow That Dream”. It was based on Richard Powell’s 1957 novel ”Pioneer, Go Home”, the story of the Kwimper family, who homesteaded on land along a newly built highway in Florida.
When the Kwimper family car runs out of gas on a new Florida highway and an officous state supervisor tries to run them off, Pop Kwimper digs in his heels and decides to do a little homesteading. He and his son Toby and their ”adopted” children – Holly, Ariadne and the twins – start their own little community along a strip of the roadside.
The fishing is good and the living is easy until the mob sets up a gambling operation and the state supervisor sticks a sexy social worker on the Kwimpers in an effort to take away Ariadne and the twins.
Follow That Dream” opened nationwide on May 23, 1962 and peaked at #5 on the Variety Box Office Survey. The location shots for ”Follow That Dream” took place in July and August of 1961 near Crystal River, Ocala, Inverness, and Tampa Florida. Elvis arrived by chartered bus and stayed at the Port Paradise Hotel in Crystal River. Following behind the bus in Elvis’ limo an pulling his new ski boat were his friends/entourage members Alan Fortas and Lamar Fike.
Elvis played Toby Kwimper, who had an unique method for avoiding amorous women and tempting situations – reciting his multiplication tables.
In ”Follow That Dream”, as with many of his films, Elvis worked with some of the best talent in the movie business.

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