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Fun in Acapulco

Fun In Acapulco

Elvis’ thirteenth film was 1963’s ”Fun In Acapulco” for Paramount. The movie premiered nationally on November 27, 1963. It reached #5 on the Variety weekly chart and #33 overall for the year. Paramount promoted the movie with special souvenir ”passports” they created.
In ”Fun in Acapulco”, Elvis plays a former trapeze artist named Mike Windgren, who had developed a fear of heights after the accidental death of a member of his family’s trapeze act, The Flying Windgrens. He ends up working as a nightclub singer and a part-time lifeguard while trying to regain his courage and overcome his fear. He eventually dives off the cliffs in Acapulco.
The Beatles went to see this movie at a drive-in theatre in Miami while on their first U.S. tour. It would be August 27, 1965 before the Beatles would actually get to meet Elvis. On that occasion, according to ”The Beatles Anthology”, John Lennon said, ”At first we couldn’t make him out. I asked him if he was preparing new ideas for his next film and he drawled, ‘Ah sure am. Ah play a country boy with a guitar who meets a few gals along the way, and ah sing a few songs.’ We all looked at one another. Finally Presley and Colonel Parker laughed and explained that the only time they departed from that formula – for ”Wild In The Country”- they lost money.”
Elvis filmed the movie in Hollywood and did not travel to Mexico where some location shots were filmed. Production began on January 21, 1963 with soundtrack recording. As Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass were currently popular, the brass sections of the songs echoed their style. Principal photography began on January 25, 1963.
Elvis was very uncomfortable in his costume used during the filming of the song ”Marguerita” as he said the untucked, short sleeved shirt was something he would never wear in real life. Because of a previously filmed shot of his double wearing the same costume, it was too late to change the costume for continuity. Later, he put in a request to producer Hal Wallis to be allowed to keep two of the black silk shirts and the flamenco outfit that he wore in the film. After filming was finished he returned home to Memphis on March 22, 1963. Priscilla Beaulieu, his future wife, had just moved to Memphis from Germany and she was there waiting for him. (They had met in late 1959. Her father had taken her and the whole family along when he was stationed in Germany with the U.S. Air Force. Elvis was stationed there with the U.S. Army.)

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