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Gary Wesley

Gary Wesley: Last Thursday night I attended the Gary Wesley performance at the Parramatta Riverside Theatre in Sydney with a number of club members. I had never seen Gary perform before, but was aware that he does perform regularly during Elvis Week at Alfred’s on Beale Street in Memphis.

Gary made 4 costume changes during the show:

Opening with the 68 Comeback If I Can Dream White Suit, then was changing into the 68 Black Leather, White Matador and then White Pinwheel suit.

His facial expressions, sly Elvis looks and energy was a knockout.

Gary opened the show with one of my favourite songs “If I Can Dream” which he handled with ease, followed by a number of Sun Records, 50’s & 60’s standards including “Mystery Train” once again all handled with ease.

The second half of the concert contained Elvis hits of the 70’s. Which included the standout song of the night, Gary performed “Hurt” and it was the finest rendition of the song by an Elvis Tribute Artist that I have ever heard. It was brilliant.

I had the pleasure of a quick chat with him after the show and he is very pleasant and friendly to talk to.

Gary performed with an All Australian Band & Backing Vocals, the band on some songs was a little lacking, but it was held together by a drummer who was terrific. The problem I suppose I have is that Elvis always performed with strong musicians a number of which had No. 1 Hits of there own such as Bill Black, Floyd Cramer and Boots Randolph. So we are spoilt and expect to here all of Elvis’ tunes performed to a high standard. Personally I think the show needed a stronger lead guitarist and keyboard player.

To finish my only regret following this show was the missed opportunities at seeing Gary do the show in Memphis.

The Flamingstar Promotions has advised us that Gary would be back in Australia next year and if you want to see a great show make sure you get a ticket.

Source: Club President

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