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G.I. Blues

Not surprisingly, Elvis’ fifth film, his first after serving two years of active duty in the U.S. Army, was entitled ”G.I. Blues” and was set in Germany. Elvis was discharged from active duty with the army in early March 1960 and began preproduction work for ”G.I. Blues” in California on April 21. Filming began on May 2nd and was finished by June 29th. While Elvis was stationed in Germany, Producer Hal Wallis had visited with him in August of 1959. Wallis was there while the German countryside and U.S. military operations were shot for the film. Elvis did not appear in any of this filming, however, the U.S. Army did supply tanks and crews for these shots. The movie follows the romantic adventure of an American G.I., Tulsa McLean (Elvis), while stationed in Germany. ”Cafe Europa” and ”Christmas In Berlin” were briefly considered as titles for the film – the former being the name of a club featured prominently in the story.

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