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Ginger Alden Statement

Looks like Ginger Alden has had enough.

Ginger posted the following rant on Facebook. Priscilla did her best to stop Elvis from growing spiritually. She burned his occult books in a bonfire. And then after his death, what did she do? She went straight to Scientology, a religion which Elvis hated and avoided because he knew it was nothing but a cult that wanted his money.

Here is the rant:

Dear friends, I have lived my life, happy and normal, trying to stay away from the ” Elvis circus” and not hanging onto the ” Elvis limelight” throughout the years like so many have done and continue to do. It has come to my attention though, some remarks recently made by Elvis’s ex-wife during an Australian interview show called ” Sunday night” and I want to take this opportunity, once and for all, to address some things that I have mentioned before, some things that I have not, and some things which I need to clarify although it is very hard to say everything that needs to be said in this one post. To begin with, I was the one at Elvis’s side and we were engaged. Elvis and his ex-wife had gone their separate ways a few years before Elvis and I began seeing one another and he had no intention of getting back together with her. Let me be clear, he had NO intention of getting back with her. Elvis wanted the two of us to be friends for the sake of his daughter, Lisa Marie. In late March, early April of 1977, Elvis was in the hospital with the stomach flu. It was at this time when I first met his ex-wife who had come to visit Graceland where we had a pleasant conversation. It is very apparent that since the passing of Elvis, the Estate does not ( nor want) to mention any of the other women in Elvis’s life- specifically me, the one woman he was engaged to. Both Elvis and I did not take our engagement lightly. I find the omission of our engagement ( as well as my existence) with Elvis bewildering considering Elvis’s ex-wife asked for me during Elvis’s wake and told me she knew how much Elvis loved me. WHAT HAPPENED? It is completely unjust and nothing but a fabricated attempt to re-write history…this disgraceful and absurd denial of the way things truly happened has gone on far too long, right down to the Elvis and Priscilla wedding dolls manufactured a few years back. Really? When was the last time you saw a divorced couple being promoted as “happily” married? What a concept! Elvis confided in me about many things and I will always be happy that he felt comfortable enough to do so. I recall Elvis mentioning to me that his ex-wife was not interested in his books, as she wanted to hide them away. I told him they should be on shelves. He also mentioned to me that she wanted to use his large plane for a European jewelry venture which he was not happy about. Elvis told me, ” She can fly commercial”. He also told me about his ex-wife wanting him to set her father up in a wine business in California which he was not pleased about. When the news that my book, ” Elvis and Ginger” was going to be released, almost immediately, the “Elvis and Priscilla reunion” tale began. Elvis’s ex-wife then asked for the “Elvis and Priscilla reunion” tale to be included in a new lie filled book which was being self-published and rushed for release before my book. How do I know this? The editor of that particular book made a public statement that she was witness to this and has since apologized for taking part in the lie filled book which Elvis’s ex-wife was photographed holding while smiling along with the author at the Sirius radio station in Memphis. Elvis’s ex-wife once commented that she was tired of the lies. Well, I am sick and tired of the lies, some of which I have heard were being promoted on the Elvis Sirius radio show. A show which neither Ann- Margret nor myself have been asked to be on. ( George Klein did ask me years back, I wasn’t ready then, but that seemed to change as time went on by his working for the estate). It is my understanding in this particular Australian interview, that Elvis’s ex-wife says that during Elvis’s last relationship, ( my name was never mentioned so I am returning the compliment here) Elvis eventually became unhappy and wanted to end it, even going so far as to say this added to some of his problems. I am appalled and disgusted by these untruths and would like to say to Elvis’s ex-wife, how dare you! There are far too many things that I know from Elvis and I certainly don’t remember his ex-wife in Lisa Marie’s bedroom in the early hours of August 16th when Elvis began discussing wedding plans and setting a date with me. To also put out an untruth that I, in ANY way, contributed to a health problem of Elvis’s is nothing but a vicious lie with a hidden agenda and I will not, and REFUSE, to be the scapegoat for a situation that was taking place with enablers that Elvis had in his life long before I came into it. Elvis was not a run down man, pining away for an ex-wife and this is a FACT. Elvis and I shared many great times together and tender moments together which I wrote about in my autobiography. Elvis had good days and not so good days during our time together, the same as he did with his ex-wife but Elvis was in a great mood 98% of the time. You had to be there. My silence over the years as I worked and then raised my son ( Elvis’s ex-wife should understand this, she has a son from a 22 year relationship with another man who is never mentioned, as odd as that is, but I think we know why) only allowed any false stories and speculations to be spread by biographers ,most of whom I turned down interviews with. The jealousy surrounding my engagement to Elvis, which he warned me about, has been needless to say, very trying and I have been shocked and angered at the lengths some despicable individuals have gone to in an attempt to diminish Elvis and my relationship. God, myself and Elvis know the truth and these lies and attacks to degrade me or my family must end. I don’t have a large PR firm that I am paying to represent me but I just want to get some truth out there, hoping others can get a glimpse of what has and does go on behind the scenes in the Elvis world at times. As far as Elvis’s ex-wife goes, I will respect her position in Elvis’s life when she respects mine.

(Copy right: from The Golden Years of Elvis Facebook page)

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