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Girls!, Girls!, Girls!

Girls!, Girls!, Girls!

Elvis’ eleventh film was ”Girls! Girls! Girls!” (Paramount, 1962). Elvis reported to the studio on March 26, 1962.

With the huge success of ”Blue Hawaii” (Paramount 1961), producer Hal Wallis had decided to promote Elvis as an entertainer rather than the rebel actor, reminiscent of James Dean, as Elvis had been seen in ”King Creole” (Paramount 1958). Thus another script was set in scenic Hawaii. The working titles for ”Girls! Girls! Girls!” had been ”A Girl In Every Port,” ”Welcome Aboard,” ”Jambalaya,” and ”Gumbo Ya-Ya,”which is said to be a Creole expression for ”everybody talks at once.”
Elvis’ eleventh movie was the story of Ross Carpenter and his dream to own the sailboat his late father had built. In this quest to buy the boat, Ross is busy by day working on a fishing boat and by night as a nightclub singer, leaving little time for the ”girls” who are pursuing him. He does manage a brief trip to visit his adopted family, the Yungs of Paradise Cove.
The story was written by Allan Weiss, who also worked on the Elvis films ”Blue Hawaii”, ”Fun In Acapulco”, ”Paradise, Hawaiian Style”, ”Easy Come, Easy Go” and ”Roustabout.” For ”Roustabout” he received a 1965 nomination from the Writer’s Guild of America for Best Written American Musical. Also working on the script was Edward Anhalt, who won Academy Awards for his screenplays for ”Becket” and ”Panic In the Streets.” He received an Academy Award nomination for ”The Sniper.”
On March 26, 1962, Elvis began three days of soundtrack recording at Radio Recorders in Hollywood.
The title song ”Girls! Girls! Girls” had been written in 1960 by Leiber and Stoller for The Coasters.

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