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Gospel According To Elvis

Gospel According To Elvis: Due for release in the UK on February 12, 2007 from Omnibus Publishers is a reissue of the book “Gospel According To Elvis” by Tanya Crouch and Kevin Crouch. ISBN: 1860746551.

Synopsis: In the field of popular culture, a handful of artists enjoy a status that is beyond stardom – they are true icons whose life and art remain an inspiration to millions around the world. Sanctuary’s Gospel series is a new collection of books that celebrate a handful of those artists through inspirational quotes, biographical anecdotes, photos, memorabilia and other miscellany from their life and work. Elaborately designed and organized into six thematic sections – Life, Love, Success, Family, Work and Friendship – and complete with a full discography of each artist, the Gospels serve as both a reflection on a life well lived and a model for personal success.

Source: HMV U.K.

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