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Graceland Piano For Sale

Graceland Piano For Sale: Elvis Presley’s white grand piano, used during the height of his career, is now available for purchase on the web site Before Elvis played on the Knabe & Co. Grand Piano, the piece was in Memphis’ Ellis Auditorium and Performance Hall where great musicians such as Duke Ellington and Cab Calloway played on the very same black and whites. After Elvis passed away, Vernon sold the piano to a recording studio in Memphis, where – amongst others – Jerry Lee Lewis used it. Later on, Jimmy Velvet bought the piano. Currently, the instrument is on display in Fresno, Calif. at’s online auction headquarters and is now available as part of an online auction through Dec. 24. Doubtful though, even before it’s gift wrapped, that it will fit under most Christmas trees. Bidding begins at 225.000 dollar.

Source: ElvisMatters

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