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Guy McElwaine

Guy McElwaine: A service for Hollywood executive Guy McElwaine, who passed away after a 2 month illness, was held on Saturday in Westwood. He became one of the guards of the old Hollywood, having been associated with people such as Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and as Steven Spielberg’s first agent. Guy McElwaine was 71. McElwaine wore many hats which included being a publicist at MGM, the head of ICM’s film division, head of production for Ray Stark, Columbia and Morgan Creek.

Born in Southern California, McElwaine aspired to become a professional baseball player, but had to give up that quest when he hurt his arm. McElwaine’s brilliant business sense, and his charming character were his stock and trade, and he utilized those skills to a successful 50 year career.His family, which included his daughters Dawn and Alexandra, were at his bedside when he passed away. McElwaine had lived life in a large way. He had been married at least nine times.
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