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High Octane

High Octane: High Octane is a new 2 DVD set from Papa Bear Productions which compiles concert footage from 1971 to 1975 – including Elvis performing in his classic ‘Red Lion’, ‘Black Fireworks’, ‘Peacock’ and ‘Indian Feather’ jump-suits.

Described by the producers as. . . ”The follow-up to the ‘The King On Tour 70-71’ with digitally re-mastered films bringing you clear, crisp images of The King on stage in all his splendour.

Kansas City ’71 kicks off disc one with synced sound and Elvis strutting around the stage in the Red Lion suit. Following this show, we have Cincinnati ’71 with him wearing the Way Down suit, then Madison Square Garden 6/10/72 afternoon show in the Porthole suit.

Disc two starts off with Seattle 4/29/73 and Elvis is wearing the Thunderbird suit. Then comes Cleveland 6/21/74 wearing the ‘Dark Blue suit with White Phoenix’. Next is Philadelphia 6/23/74 wearing one of Elvis’ own favourites, the ‘Peacock’ suit.

Then we go to the Aloha Eagle suit with him in Cincinnati 6/27/73. Following this one is Kansas City 6/29/74 wearing the ‘American Eagle’ suit, moving on to 1975, we have Jackson with Elvis wearing the ‘White 2-piece’ suit with blue trim. And last but not least, there‘s Memphis 6/10/75, wowing the hometown crowd in the ‘Indian Feather’ suit“. Each DVD runs 1 hour.

Source: Elvis Matters

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