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Hy Zaret

Hy Zaret: the writer of the lyrics for one of the most recorded love songs of all times ‘Unchained Melody’, died at the age of 99. More than 300 artists recorded his most famous song. The recording of ‘The Righteous Brothers’ from 1965 is probably the most famous recording, but the first recording is from 10 years before. It was Les Baxter that recorded the song for the first time in 1955. The most impressive performance however is the version of Elvis during the recording of the CBS Special in 1977. Just weeks before his dead, he proved to the world on the piano that he’s got a very strong voice. In 1965 the Righteous Brothers hit number four on the Billboard charts with their version of the haunting tune. Zaret saw his most famous song hit number one on the UK charts four separate times with versions from: Jimmy Young (1955); the Righteous Brothers (1990) (the same version recorded in 1965); Robson & Jerome (1995); Gareth Gates (2002).

Source: ElvisNews

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