Dean Z is the 2013 Ultimate Elvis Copetition Winner

Dean Z Wins the 2013 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest
August 17, 2013

Ten of the top Elvis tribute artists in the world competed tonight at a packed house at the Cannon Center in downtown Memphis where the 2013 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist was announced.

Congratulations to Dean Z, the winner of the Rockin' Elvis Fest at Pala Casino, and now the 2013 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist winner.

Dean Z - 2013 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist
Winner of the Rockin' Elvis Fest at Pala Casino

Dean saw Elvis on TV when he was three years old. After that, he cleared off the coffee table in the living room and started dancing and singing. His mom had a jumpsuit made for him and he performed “Jailhouse Rock” at his sister’s school talent show. At the show, he sang along to Elvis’ record and every time he shook, the crowd would scream. At that moment, he was hooked. At age 17, Dean moved to Las Vegas to reach toward his goal of establishing himself as a well-known act. He is honored to be a part of the Ultimate ETA Contest and admires all the ETAs who have gone on to win the contest. His favorite Elvis song is “Bossa Nova.”

Adam Fitzpatrick - Second Place
Winner of the Penticton Elvis Festival

Adam started doing his tribute in 2008 after entering and winning a contest at a local festival. He considers himself lucky to be able to do this for a living. He says being able to compete in Memphis in front of so many fans during Elvis Week is surreal. His favorite Elvis song is ''Bridge Over Troubled Water.''

Jay Dupuis - Third Place
Winner of the Tupelo Elvis Festival

Jay was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. At the age of three, he realized his love and passion for the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. As a child, he would dress up in white pants and a shirt, flip up his collar and pretend he was Elvis. Then one day as an adult, he saw a friend performing as an ETA and thought he would like to do that one day. With the help and support of his family and friends, he was able to do just that. Jay considers being an Elvis tribute artist a true blessing and for him it is a great honor to pay tribute to the greatest entertainer of all time. His favorite Elvis song is “Suspicious Minds.”

Diogo ''Di'' Leichtweis - Top Five Finalist
Winner of the Sao Paulo Elvis Festival

Born in the early 1980s in Southern Brazil, Diogo has loved music from an early age. As a baby, he listened to Elvis records that belonged to his father. In 2005, Diogo was working as a lawyer and was able to travel to the U.S. for the first time. While here, he visited some of the most meaningful places in the king’s life. After returning to Brazil, he began pursuing his dream to sing and perform his biggest idol’s songs. He says he has so many favorite Elvis songs that he can’t pick just one.

Ben Thompson - Top Five Finalist
Winner of Europe's Tribute To Elvis Contest

Ben has been a committed Elvis fan from a young age and has always loved listening, watching and learning about Elvis. He takes great pride in making sure his tribute to Elvis is respectful and sincere. He performed his first tribute in January 2012 during a local festival in London. His performance was well-received and encouraged him to become an Elvis tribute artist. Being able to compete in Memphis during Elvis Week is a dream come true. His favorite Elvis song is “Hurt.”
Source: EPE and Club President